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Updated Rental Procedure

Rental Assistance updated procedure:

When making any referral for rental assistance in the future you MUST include the following:

- How much regular monthly rent is - How much they owe at the time of referral - What time period they owe for (how many months) - Late fees due - Eviction notice given or pending

If they owe more than month, DO NOT refer regardless of how little the amount because our policy clearly states no more than the current month due.

A new procedure is that anyone requesting rental assistance must make their request for that current month due no later than by the third week. NO appointments will be given after the third week of the month. If people have not paid their rent by the third week, they will soon have another month due making it very difficult to get caught up.

We want clients to be proactive and not wait until the last minute for rent or utilities. Clients should know by the third week if they can pay their full rent or will be short. Refer early and not at the last minute.

We offer about $125 - $150 toward rent (not $500), the client has to pay their portion first, the landlord provides proof of payment and signs an agreement that they can stay for 30 days from the date of the voucher. This information must be emailed to in order for the check to be mailed.

There are NO exceptions to the voucher expiration date. This is not new, only a reminder.


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