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Walkathon October 21st!

walkathon flyer
Download PDF • 229KB

walkathon registration
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We regret that our phones are down due to a new VOIP phone system being installed with unexpected issues. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 276-791-2765 OR 276-469-9521 LEAVE MESSAGE IF NO ANSWER. We are operating


Oct 04, 2023

Sadly, it has been brought to my attention that this non profit that “claims” to “share the love of Christ by loving our most vulnerable neighbors in need” and “their example of loving our neighbor“ is in short, deplorable and disgusting. Without going into full detail one of my neighbors and contributor to our great community, as well as consistently dedicated assistance to our veteran and elderly community, has been denied assistance, unfortunately and sadly, due to marital choice only, which seems to conflict with their beliefs. After being informed about the situation and upon further review of the correspondence between this member of our community and the director of faith in action, I felt beyond compelled to step in,…


Oct 04, 2023

I know for a fact the proceeds do not go to families in need of rental assistance. I am a residence and need no assistance from this organization, as a close family member is in need and has been trying to receive assistance since the beginning of September as the organization has been giving the said person the ring a round. It’s beyond unacceptable that our money is being used for there personal corporation.

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