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Giving Tuesday

Christmas time is here?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and most of

us are gleefully preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There are Black Friday ads everywhere, toys are being

flashed upon every social media screen, and TV with the intent to incite excitement and anticipation of the holidays. Nevertheless, can you imagine there are about

47% of our community that are not looking forward to the holidays at all? There are those that are trying to avoid those ads.

At Bristol Faith in Action, we are seeing many of those folks that actually dread the holidays, yet desperately want to look forward to something. They want to be excited. They want to feel peace and joy. Instead, they are stressed and dreading the moment the electric is turned

off and the cold creeps in. They are not thinking about nice baked turkeys or ham and all of the fixings. They are hoping and praying for another day of electric and heat. Some are dreading when the day to move out comes, because they are being evicted right before the holidays.

Bristol Faith in Action steps in and assists with keeping the electric and heat on. We assist with preventing eviction and homelessness. We help those in dire need of maintaining a home and keeping their family together. Your donation helps to stabilize those families and

individuals. Your donation combined with everyone that donates can prevent eviction, disconnected essential services, and even help put food on their table. Your

donation 100% goes to those with these critical needs.

Your donation makes a difference, gives hope, and helps restore faith!


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