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Volunteer Positions

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us and for being such an important part of our mission of meeting the needs of those in financial crisis. I know you will find that our example of loving our neighbor is fulfilling and meaningful. BFIA cannot operate without the dedication and loving spirit of our volunteers.



Reception – Greeting clients and assisting with their needs, answering phones, working with the client database, filing, handing out commodity short forms for food, diapers, personal care kits, cleaning supplies, birthday bags, and whatever else we have in stock, screening calls, and taking messages. Assist clients walking in for commodities – pull their file and ensure they have not been served no sooner than 30 days, then have them complete a short form, again make sure there is a full address, phone number and that their zip code is within our service area.  


Appointment setter – Calls clients that have called in for appointments and left messages on the voicemail or the call logs taken by reception. Looks clients up in database to check for eligibility, follow the information checklist on the appointment sheet which goes in the clients file after appointment is scheduled. Inform clients asking for rental assistance of the new rental assistance policy and give instructions on how their landlord has to email the director before an appointment can be made. Inform clients of NO SHOW policy. 


Interviewer – Face to face interviews with clients seeking financial assistance. A long form is used for the interview that includes demographics of everyone in the household, financial need, income and expenses (often this is the first time clients see their budget and income in written form), review of income proof which can be social security or disability benefits, TANF (temp. assistance for needy families), SNAP (food stamps – this document from social services has clients verified income), pay stubs, child support and any other types of income. Once the interview of client need is completed, copy all documents such as social security cards on ALL household members, driver’s license, income documents, the bill they need assistance, and then meet with the director to review findings and get a voucher to give to client. Once voucher is signed by client, make a copy and give original to client. Client then takes the voucher to their payee which can be utility companies, mortgage company, or a landlord. Their payee then has to follow the instructions on the voucher to email the director that clients share is paid, then BFIA will release funds according to the voucher.


Data Entry – Enters all client data, visit information, result of visit such as financial need, voucher amount, etc. Adds new payee’s when needed. This is required so checks can be written and sent to payee’s. Just paperwork, no client interaction.

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