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Success Story – This week we received a call from a young lady that came to us a few months ago. She had been homeless in the past, was behind on her rent, and potentially facing homelessness again. She works two jobs, and walks to both as she has no transportation. Riding a bike is too difficult for her with the hills we never notice in the streets of Bristol, and the surrounding area. The current trend with many employers is to hire many people at a few hours a week each, with no one getting benefits. It takes two jobs for her to barely survive, and trying to get two employers to coordinate part time hours is more than a challenge. This young lady perseveres though.

When she first came to us, she was terrified of losing her housing. Tawnya met with her as we worked her in that day. Tawnya was gravely concerned about this young lady. I met with her briefly, I shared with her some scripture, the story of Job, and prayed with her. We called and checked on her later, she told Tawnya that we saved her life that day she first saw us.

This young lady has proven such high integrity, and dedication to making her situation the best she can. Further, if ever someone needed and deserved a car, this young lady does. I consider her a great success. We continue to be a resource, a support, and have a relationship with her because she is one of our neighbors that God calls us to love as he loves us. Please pray for her continued perseverance, strength, and overall health. If anyone has a car, or a street scooter they could donate for her, it would be greatly appreciated!

Donations can be made through our donate button in as little as a $1 amount, just choose other and put in your preferred amount. We also have a Square reader on site, and take walk in donations from 10-2 Tuesday through Friday. Any funds received via this story will be restricted for this purpose. God bless all!


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