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Rental & Services Policy Changes

Rental and Services Policy Changes: To better serve our clients and ensure good stewardship.

● Rental assistance appointments will only be made after the landlord emails the executive director at

Email must include how much the client owes the landlord, with the client’s name

and phone number. Upon receipt of this email, the executive director will give

the information to the appointment setter, then an appointment will be made.

Reason: some landlords do not want to accept BFIA vouchers. This is OPTIONAL for landlords. This saves time for all involved, and prevents a no-show penalty for not having proper documentation. Having this information BEFORE the appointment is made ensures a successful appointment. Also, if a landlord chooses not to participate, we can assist with a utility bill instead.

● Clients with more than one month past due will not receive rental assistance.

Reason: more than one month behind results in large amounts of money to get caught up. We provide emergency assistance for unusual/immediate needs, we are unable to help with chronic late payments.

● No appointments will be made for people who owe more than $500 in rent or

utility bills.

Reason: Amounts of assistance are limited to an average of $100 - $150 per family. We cannot pay full amounts owed. This ensures that all who need help can get some help.

● Clients for all appointments will be asked to bring bank statements or access to

electronic banking card statements.

Reason: This is part of the verification process for income received, and need for help.

● Mortgage assistance is no longer available.

Reason: Mortgage companies are not typically willing to accept our vouchers, and partial payments from clients. We pay our voucher last, after confirming client's portion paid; mortgage companies do not comply with voucher requirements. A few mortgage companies have returned BFIA checks as a denial to the BFIA voucher. This creates new and or additional financial trouble for the person asking for help. If mortgage assistance is the issue, call for assistance with a utility bill instead.


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