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No Bank Account - No Problem!


Knowledge is power, and knowing your benefit balance is as easy as using your phone. Everyone with a bank account should balance their bank statements monthly, and keep an eye on all transactions. Banks (and other financial institutions) DO make mistakes. We encourage you to keep an eye on all of your transactions for a few reasons; this helps with budgeting your resources, making certain the charges are correct, and feeling in control of your finances. We require a financial statement for all appointments and this is the easiest way to access your benefit statements that can be printed from our wireless printer or a computer from our computer lab.

Please check out the links below to download APPS for your benefits. Let us know how we can help. If you have charges you did not make and would like assistance, call for an appointment with our client services coordinator who is available as your advocate, and free case management needs.

We are here to help you find longer term solutions and gain self sufficiency. We use a Christ-centered approach, helping people in financial crisis. However, our clients are more than a bill that requires assistance, our clients are people with unique circumstances and or needs that may require someone skilled to guide them, serve as an advocate, and provide other resources and education to improve their life situation.


App link

Anyone who is currently receiving benefits (like SNAP/food stamps, TANF/welfare, or SSI) on an EBT card can use the app. All you need is an Android device or iPhone/iPad and you can download the app for free to set up your account. It's that easy!


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