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This program will focus on providing a hand up, rather than a hand out. It will focus on empowering the client(s) to make healthy and appropriate choices that will have significant impact on their quality of life, and overall success as they rise from financially restrictive situations. Seven major life domains will be covered within a six-month period of time. These domains include: Employment, Spiritual, Health – Emotional, and or Addiction recovery, Parenting/Child Services, Financial Accountability, Computer Literacy/IT skills, and Education. The goal and mission of this program is to reduce poverty, empower clients to take charge of their life situation, and work toward longer term solutions with the support of the client services coordinator, and the director. Relationships will be established as a support network to encourage clients that they can find a higher quality of life, to inspire hope, and enhance spiritual growth.

This program puts the client in the driver seat of how they earn credits toward the monthly assistance ($250) they will receive for a six-month period. Within the six months, clients must have earned credits through each domain at least once, hopefully more often as new habits develop. The credit system will award 100 points for each activity within any chosen domain. A minimum of 200 points will be required each month for financial assistance. As a bonus, 1800 total points will earn a major credit at the end of the six months redeemable for something extra. There may also be additional credits redeemable for smaller items at each two-month interval such as movie tickets, a restaurant gift card, a grocery voucher, etc.

Credits will be assigned to each domain, and they must choose at least two per month. Financial credits are required monthly, which leaves another domain as the other credit. Credits will be given for the following activities: (not an inclusive list, activities may be tailored to each family’s needs)

Spiritual - finding a church family, attending a church service weekly

Financial - attending a budget or financial class, reconciling their bank account, following their budget, paying bills on time, develop a savings plan, open a savings account and maintain a savings balance, important document management, credit counseling classes

Health - attending Home Extension Classes for nutrition and health education, attending recovery and or wellness groups (State Street UMC), Celebrate Recovery (Highlands Fellowship)

Parenting - parenting classes (Family Resource Center), Community and Schools

Employment – Jobs for Life classes, documented job searches, attending interviews, LUTTRELL Staffing Group

Education – Find free classes, workshops, seminars, consider GED classes if needed, register for community college classes

Computer Literacy/IT Skills – Use BFIA computer lab to set up an email account to use for personal business only, learn how to use Microsoft 365 for marketable skills, learn financial accounting online

We are starting with two families which have already been identified. These families will meet with us monthly to review their activities, needs, and progress. They will have access to the client services coordinator and the director as needed in addition to the monthly reviews.

Anyone wishing to donate to this program, please indicate the Heavenly Hand Up Pilot Program. If enough funds are raised, we will serve more than two families. It is our goal to have success stories with each person served and to expand this program in the immediate future.


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