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Deposit Program Update

Update - Deposit Program:

This is a brand new program with limited funds, therefore there are only a few appointments each month. These appointments are first come first served. For example, if all of our appointments for June are taken, feel free to call back in July to request an appointment.

Our funds are not a guarantee that a full deposit is paid, but we can pay a portion for those that meet the criteria and have demonstrated need. Our goal is to expand this program to help more people next year. It is purely funded by a grant and donations. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We have been swamped with needs and requests.

Anyone wishing to donate, this is a program with a great need for additional funds. We are excellent stewards of all funds!!! This program allows us to provide monthly support and case management which has been greatly received. Folks that need this program have numerous additional needs, the monthly support has been so welcome by those participating.

Generally speaking, our services are more than just paying toward a bill. We are also looking at how else we can help, what else is problematic, and possibilities for longer term solutions. We truly want to positively impact the poverty of those that want to change the direction of their life!

Donations are accepted through our website, or by dropping off a check or cash, and we have a square reader if you want to donate via a card. We thank you for your support, and assure you that your dollars make a tremendous difference for those we serve.


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