• BFIA Director

Client Services Coordinator Needed

I. Title: Client Services Coordinator (20 hours per week)

Tuesday – Friday 9:30 – 2:30

II. Overall Responsibility: To provide preventative and intervention programs, services, and support for clients to eliminate their financial crisis and to transition into self-sufficiency and stability. To receive monetary donations and make all bank deposits. To assist Executive Director.

III. Immediate Supervisor: Executive Director

IV. Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Schedule clients who frequently request BFIA assistance and engage them in the

collaborative process of identifying, planning, accessing, and evaluating resources,

support, and services.

2. Engage clients in an ongoing information-gathering and decision-making process to help

clients identify their goals, strengths, and challenges.

3. Collaborate with clients to plan, implement, monitor, and amend individualized services.

that help clients reach their goals, including budgeting class follow up.

4. Schedule budget clients with excessive financial needs for financial counseling classes.

5. Refer and secure services with appropriate community agencies and organizations.

6. Network with other community agencies to create partnerships which benefit our clients.

7. Work with service organizations and businesses to provide client assistance.

8. Prepare monthly case summary reports for Deposit Program and Heavenly Hand UP clients.

9. Write assistance vouchers for scheduled clients as needed/scheduled.

10. Evaluate client requests for commodities.

11. Adhere to all BFIA policies.

12. Perform other duties requested by Executive Director.

V. Skills and Knowledge:

1. Five years’ experience in social services or nonprofit setting.

2. Two-year degree and or equivalent experience.

3. A personal and spiritual commitment to serving other people.

4. Effective communication skills, detail oriented, results oriented.

5. Experience with Microsoft Word & Excel required.

email letter of interest with salary requirement, and resume to director@bristolfia.org


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