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Changes in Service Delivery for BFIA – Due to Covid-19 Concerns

General altered service delivery to practice appropriate social distancing:

Reception, appointment setting, data entry, and interviews will be scheduled as normal with the following alterations in service delivery. Rent will remain the same in either case.

We will see clients in the conference room so as to practice social distancing of six feet.

Clients will be scheduled as normal, although we will only see five clients per day unless demand requires more. If so, we can extend our interviews to 3 – 3:45 PM to accommodate more clients if needed, as long as we have staff to serve. This way we have one client in the building at a time. Clients will be limited to coming alone to reduce the amount of traffic in the building for their protection, and staff protection.

Commodities will need to be scheduled between certain hours also to reduce traffic in the building.

Client services will be provided by phone unless a face to face appointment is required. Jenny can schedule those after staffing the need with the director.

In the event of needing to close to the public, service delivery will be as follows:

Jenny Boggs, and DeVonne Phipps will work remotely to provide the following:

Remote vouchers will be provided for clients to the utility companies that work with us via scan/email to ensure no interruption in services with BFIA or essential services.

Commodities will be given out twice per week strategically by a schedule to ensure needs are met for Bibles, food, diapers, cleaning supplies, personal care, etc. as long as we have them in stock. Clients will need to call in for the schedule.

We are called to serve those in need, and we shall serve until authorities consider it unsafe to do so in person. We will then go to remote services only.

Use safe practices, keep your faith, and may God bless us all with protection and good health!


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